“Introducing Palace Players” by Mew

One album that I’ve really been looking forward to this year is Mew’s No More Stories Are Told Today I’m Sorry They Washed Away No More Stories the World Is Grey I’m Tired Let’s Wash Away. The album was originally scheduled to come out last fall, but its release date was pushed back to August of this year.

The first song from the album — “Introducing Palace Players” — has finally appeared on the intertubes, and it’s pretty much everything I was hoping for: lots of fey vocals, cryptic lyrics, and plenty of proggy synths and guitars. The stuttering, drunken drumming threw me for a loop at first, but after a few listens, it reminded me of just how propulsive and intense Mew really is once you get past the frills and filigrees. And if anything else, it only makes the song catchier and more infectious.

But judge for yourself — listen to the track via iMeem.

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