Lost In Ohio Reissues Morella’s Forest’s Ultraphonic Hiss on Vinyl

The band’s sophomore release found them embracing a cleaner, more pop-oriented sound that still holds up well today.
Ultraphonic Hiss

When Morella’s Forest released their debut album, Super Deluxe, in 1995, the Ohio quartet were clearly indebted to the UK shoegaze scene. But their sophomore album, 1996’s Ultraphonic Hiss, found the band cleaning up their sound and focusing more on hooks than atmosphere and texture.

At the time, I was fully immersed in shoegaze so I had little interest in the band’s new direction. Listening to it now, however, I can’t deny that Ultraphonic Hiss is a solid piece of mid-’90s alternative pop, particularly on songs like “Glitter,” “Butter Scotch Boy,” and the fuzz-tastic “Tangerine Drops.” Meanwhile, “Silver Syrup” makes it clear that Morella’s Forest hadn’t abandoned their noisy side entirely.

Lost in Ohio continues doing the Lord’s work in reissuing lost “Chrindie” classics. Similar to what they’ve done with The Julies’ Lovelife, Fluffy’s Sugar Pistol, Mike Knott’s Strip Cycle, and the aforementioned Super Deluxe, the label is releasing a limited edition vinyl reissue of Ultraphonic Hiss. This is the first time that Ultraphonic Hiss has been available on vinyl, and it’s been remastered by the one and only Chris Colbert (who also remastered Super Deluxe).

Lost in Ohio’s Ultraphonic Hiss reissue is limited to 350 copies, and will begin shipping in September. Listen to “Glitter” below.

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