Lost in Ohio to Reissue Love Spirals Downwards’ Flux on Vinyl

With liner notes written by yours truly.
Flux - Love Spirals Downwards Vinyl

In recent years, Lost in Ohio has been doing yeoman’s work shining a light on some great records, reissuing such classics as The Julies’ Lovelife, L.S. Underground’s The Grape Prophet, and Morella’s Forest’s Super Deluxe. For their latest reissue, the label has turned their attention to a favorite of mine: Love Spirals Downwards’ fourth and final album, 1998’s Flux.

As I wrote in my review, Flux is one of my favorite Projekt releases of all time, an “incredibly listenable and quite beautiful” blend of 4AD-esque dream pop and drum n’ bass rhythms. Lost in Ohio’s Flux reissue has been remastered by Ryan Lum (Love Spirals Downwards, Lovespirals) and will be released on limited edition white vinyl.

And if that weren’t enough, the reissue features liner notes written by yours truly. I had a lot of fun digging into the album and talking with Lum and Projekt owner Sam Rosenthal about its genesis and production.

Lost in Ohio’s Flux reissue will be released on April 26, 2024; click here to preorder your copy.

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