“So You May Find Me When I’m Lost” by LN

The first new music from LN in almost a decade is stark, haunting, and excellent.

After a long absence — nine years, if my math is right — Gary Murray is returning with a new full-length under the LN moniker. You can file LN’s music under various genres, with “post-rock” and “slowcore” being the most common, but whatever the label, an LN record means lush songwriting, heartbreaking vocals, and poignant arrangements.

“So You May Find Me When I’m Lost,” the first single from LN’s upcoming Monkeys & Spoons, thankfully doesn’t deviate from that framework, what with the moody acoustic guitar (which evokes Mazzy Star’s So Tonight That I Might See), Murray’s worldweary voice and contemplative lyrics (“It seems I’ve reached the point of less days ahead than behind”), and oodles of ghostly ambience. The song’s intimacy immediately grabs you and then proceeds to haunt you for the next four minutes or so, and then some.

Monkeys & Spoons will be released by Velvet Blue Music on August 5, 2022.

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