“Terrace of Memories” by Terrace of Memories (Remastered)

The 1992 collaboration between Black Tape For a Blue Girl and vidnaObmana was remastered last year.

Originally released in 1992, Terrace of Memories was a collaboration between Sam Rosenthal (Black Tape For a Blue Girl) and Dirk Serries (vidnaObmana). Those names alone should give you a pretty good indication of the album’s sound, which is characterized by wistful synth drifts and haunting atmospherics — the result of months spent mailing tapes back and forth around the world. (Rosenthal was living in Los Angeles at the time while Serries lives in Belgium.)

The album’s title track is one of my favorite Projekt tracks, period. Its nearly seven minutes are filled with delicately unfurling textures and otherworldly vocals that practically drip with equal parts nostalgia and foreboding, as you’d expect from Messrs. Rosenthal and Serries.

Last year, Rosenthal launched a successful Kickstarter campaign to remaster Terrace of Memories and reissue it on CD, deluxe vinyl editions, and — in a delightful throwback — MiniDisc. In addition to the original album tracks, Terrace of Memories’ 2024 remaster also contains several unused source tracks from Rosenthal and Serries’ original tapes, which are now available as digital downloads.

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