Love Spirals Downwards’ Flux Receives a “Deluxe” Reissue

The dream pop-meets-drum n’ bass classic celebrates its 25th anniversary with outtakes, remixes, and live performances.

When it was released in 1998, Love Spirals Downwards’ Flux was, on its face, a pretty marked departure for the group. Ryan Lum and Suzanne Perry had already garnered considerable acclaim thanks Idylls and Ardor, a pair of dreamy, Cocteau Twins-inspired albums that became some of Projekt Records’ most successful releases. But Flux moved away from pure dream pop, and instead, incorporated electronic textures and drum n’ bass beats.

It could’ve come across as gimmicky, but the mix of breakbeats, downtempo atmospherics, swirling guitars, and Perry’s ethereal voice proved to be a perfect combination, and the album received considerable acclaim — including from yours truly. However, Flux also turned out to be the band’s final studio album. Lum began releasing music under the Lovespirals moniker with new vocalist Anji Bee while Perry sang on albums by Falling You and Sleepthief and released an album with a new band called Melodyguild.

Jump ahead 25 years, and Lum has remastered and reissued Flux along with a number of bonus tracks, including outtakes, remixes, and live performances. Which is a perfect way to discover one of my favorite Projekt releases, an album that I often turn to when I need to chill out and bliss out at the same time.

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