Issue II by Bon Voyage (Review)

Bon Voyage plays beautiful, sweet pop perfection.
Issue II, Bon Voyage

Velvet Blue Music is quickly becoming one of my favorite labels and this release is a perfect example of why. Much like Pony Express, Bon Voyage is a supergroup of sorts. The band consists of Jason Martin (Starflyer 59) on guitars and keyboards, Julie Martin (Jason’s wife) on vocals, Andy Blunde (Driver Eight) on bass guitar, and Matt McCartie (Driver Eight) on drums.

Bon Voyage plays beautiful, sweet pop perfection. On their first record, which was just Jason and Julie, I was reminded of Morella’s Forest on Super Deluxe; you know, really cool fuzz-pop. On “Issue II,” Bon Voyage has refined their sound, going more for melody and twee stylings.

Even though Jason Martin writes all of the material, don’t expect another Starflyer. And the reason for that is probably Julie. With one of the sweetest voices you’ll hear, Julie can’t help but make the music catchy and poppy. Imagine a more child-like Sydney Rentz, or an upbeat and less scary Alison Shaw. Just check out the first track, “Honeymoon,” and you’ll see what I mean. Cute enough for all of the twee fans out there, and when those keyboards come in with a swinging melody, you can’t help but sing along.

“We Know How You Feel” goes down a mellower route, but you’ll still fall in love with Julie’s vocals. Jason still throws in some of trademark Starflyer guitar sounds, but Bon Voyage has enough staying power to stand on its own laurels. Hopefully, they’ll come out with a full-length sometime soon. Otherwise, I just may wear this 7″ out.

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