Download Projekt Records’ “Summer 2014” Electronic/Ambient Sampler


In a recent installment of his weekly email newsletter, Projekt founder Sam Rosenthal discussed the evolution of his label from one usually associated with goth/darkwave music to one associated with more electronic/ambient releases. While the label still releases plenty of darker music, a quick glance at their recent release schedule reveals that Projekt does seem to have a different focus these days.

Which, as their free “Summer 2014” sampler reveals, is not necessarily a bad thing. The sampler features the usual Projekt suspects, e.g., Steve Roach (whose recent The Delicate Forever was released by Projekt), Erik Wøllo, Loren Nerell, and Sam Rosenthal himself. However, the sampler’s true gem is “Serenade for Falling Stars (part II)” by Mercury’s Antennae.

Mercury’s Antennae is the duo of vocalist Dru Allen (This Ascension, Mirabilis) and multi-instrumentalist Erick R. Scheid (Translucia), and their debut A Waking Ghost Inside is a solid enough collection of dark, ethereal tunes (the kind of music associated with “classic” Projekt). But “Serenade for Falling Stars (part II)” is something else entirely: an understated-yet-riveting piece that, for nearly 10 minutes, evokes Steve Roach at his most pensive with its yearning, gently melancholy washes of sound. As nice as their Waking Ghost material is, I hope the duo explores their ambient side more fully on future releases — if this track is any indication of where they might go, that is.

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