The new trailer for Inception will melt your brain

If there’s a big budget Hollywood director that I’ve come to trust implicitly, it’s Christopher Nolan. He’s shown an incredible knack for crafting films that don’t pander — that deliver what audiences want (hence The Dark Knight’s one billion dollar worldwide gross) while remaining intelligent, stylish, and well-crafted. Inception is his latest film, due out on July 16, and it looks amazing. Every single bit of imagery I’ve seen from the film so far looks incredible and smart, like you might up your IQ a few points just by looking at it.

The latest trailer contains more of the dreamlike imagery that we’ve seen to date, from folks floating in mid-air to cityscapes collapsing into the ocean. I have no idea what it all means — I’m assuming the official synopsis only scratches the surface with this flick — but I know I really want to see it. Put simply, Inception is one of my most eagerly anticipated movies of the summer, matched only by Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.

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